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Aug 31, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. >> caller: um, hi, anna. um, i was in los angeles, i've been living here for 12 years, but ten years prior to that i live inside hoboken, new jersey, and i loved it. and i know that you live there because i saw you speak at, i think our local bookstore and also at a library. so, um, i see from the show that you're living in new york city. i was just wondering when you left hoboken and why you left. >> guest: we left about, um, 13 years ago. our three children were all already going to school in new york city, so i was schlepping them from hoboken to manhattan every day. and this got older, their social lives were increasingly in manhattan. and deep down inside i've felt like a new yorker ever since i first got here for college when i was 18. and so i decided that i should come home. and that's what i did. >> host: and this is an e-mail from peggy sage in joplin. here in joplin we can identify with your comments about 9/11, it is the weather. i used to love thunderstorms, now they bring fear and flashback. >> guest: oh. >> host: i want to thank you for your writings, i lost my mother,
Sep 3, 2012 12:00am EDT
: we have victor in los angeles. good afternoon. >> caller: good morning in los angeles, actually. my question is about munich. there has always been a lot of talk that, you know, joseph kennedy pushed the munich agreement and what a disaster was. it certainly was a disaster. but i'm wondering if you could impact joseph kennedy's thought process in regards to his experience with the first world war and what a waste that was and how that inform his thinking in the munich agreement. >> guest: joseph kennedy was at that time the ambassador to great britain. he had a passionate belief that the united states should not get involved in any war in europe, except for under the most extreme circumstances. so when his close friend, the prime minister britain neville chamberlain went to munich in 1948 and made a deal with adolf hitler, that chamberlain hoped would forestall the war. that is actually a phrase he used. i talked to a close friend of joe kennedy when i was writing my book. in the late 1970s. and i asked him, why did kennedy feel so emotionally about this? and the friend was a ma
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)